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PCMCIA-5V [info]2003-10-02 21:16:06, by TimRikerSupporting 5V PCMCIA Cards
CodeMonkey [info]2003-09-11 10:51:40, by codemonkeyJust got linux running . . .
RISC [info]2003-06-07 19:12:02, by AKADatAthe definition of
CliveN [info]2003-05-05 07:22:43, by CliveNTuxScreen 220v power supply (PSU).
AndrewYourtchenko [info]2003-05-04 08:20:08, by AndrewYourtchenkoAndrewYourtchenko
FL313 [info]2003-02-18 20:21:02, by KCarsonCheck this if your tux is bricked
HelpMeHerePlease [info]2003-02-18 20:17:14, by KCarsonCan anyone help ?
RussDill [info]2003-01-07 22:48:27, by RayGibsonRuss Dill
souslik [info]2002-11-23 08:35:23, by souslikK-Net TuxScreen project
32MegRamUpgrade [info]2002-11-22 13:59:13, by NathanMyers32Meg DRAM upgrade for Tux CPU
VPUMP [info] (orphan)2002-11-21 05:36:35, by CliveN12V from 5V
PavelS [info] (orphan)2002-11-11 02:38:23, by PavelS 
InfernoRemote [info]2002-10-26 07:12:26, by SquarTInferno Remote access
InstallingLinux [info]2002-10-26 06:44:01, by SquarTInstalling Linux
SquarT [info]2002-10-19 09:27:47, by SquarTSquarT == Peter Havelaar
MOV [info]2002-10-19 04:01:12, by CliveN 
AdeDavey [info]2002-10-15 13:29:11, by AdeDaveyAdeDavey
PowerSupply [info]2002-10-10 08:49:36, by BrianJohnsonPower Supply
DSTN [info]2002-10-06 15:20:32, by BrianJohnsonDouble Super Twisted Nematic
schematics [info]2002-10-06 15:19:03, by BrianJohnsonShannon Schematics
CTULBR [info]2002-10-01 07:25:37, by vaclavhLab work at CTUPrague
VaclavH [info]2002-10-01 06:27:17, by vaclavhVaclav Hanzl's info
CTUPrague [info]2002-10-01 06:26:52, by vaclavhCzech Technical University
LIM [info]2002-09-24 05:33:12, by LIMLIM
KenRestivo [info]2002-09-22 22:55:13, by KenRestivoembedded newbie
AT45DB041A [info]2002-09-20 22:25:23, by MarcusWolschonAT45DB041A
SimonLabrecque [info]2002-09-10 20:18:44, by SimonLabrecqueSimon Labrecque progress
TinyTOE [info]2002-09-03 07:37:24, by BrianJohnsonTiny Tuxscreen Operating Environment
SteveMerrifield [info]2002-09-03 07:33:59, by BrianJohnsonDiary of TuxScreen adventures
QPE [info]2002-09-03 07:24:10, by BrianJohnsonQPE

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