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KenMcguire was last edited 2001-12-01 18:10:42, by KenMcguire.

The following pages link to it:
topic last edit summary
UsersWebHome [info]2004-02-18 16:55:36People
SoDimm [info]2002-09-01 06:14:41Small Outline DRAM Module
InfraredKeyboard [info]2002-01-30 13:01:27Infrared Keyboard
PCMCIA [info]2005-04-20 00:51:18PCMCIA hardware issues
PFI [info]2001-12-30 20:32:46Power Failure Indicator
PCMCIA-5V [info]2003-10-02 21:16:06Supporting 5V PCMCIA Cards
KenMcguire [info]2001-12-01 18:10:42Generating Schematics
schematics [info]2002-10-06 15:19:03Shannon Schematics
SteveMerrifield [info]2002-09-03 07:33:59Diary of TuxScreen adventures
GPSFan [info]2002-08-20 16:10:53irc nick for Ken Mcguire

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