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#include blah.h

I'm currently working on tuxscreen #1896

I just ordered an 802.11 pcmcia adapter I hope will work. It's the Trendware TEW-PC16. http://www.trendware.com/products/TEW-PC16.htm

available at http://www.globalcomputer.com/N62X7ade/sdetail.html?SNPN=367123

The spec sheet for this adapter lists it's power consumption as: Power Consumption: DC +3.3V/+5V, 220mA (+3.3V) which caught my eye as it does not list power consumption for the 5v side. Part of the latest pcmcia spec suggests that 3.3v cards be 5v "safe" to avoid blowing cards by running 5v into them on bringup. This jumped out to my eye as a 3.3v part that's 5v safe and should work for us.

So, I asked techsupport@trendware.com and they sortof answered the question:

Dear Customer:

Her is a copy of the spec sheet for that card and it does list the power setting for this card, which is 3.3v like you are asking for.

[PARA] TEW-PC16 [NL]11Mbps Wireless PCMCIA Network Card

Doesn't sound like they really answered the question did they....

BrianDealy adds: Alan I got the linksys 802.11b card and have not had a chance to play with it in the tux yet... Let me know how your card works out. I'd be interested in any tweeks required to get it going...

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