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My name is Chris Ross and I am a 3rd Year Undergraduate at the [University Of Birmingham | http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk]. I work on the enlightenment window manager project, and also spend too much time working on my own scripting engine called ferite which can be found over on http://www.ferite.org - it is basically a lightwieght Java and Perl combination. Go see it you know you want to. There are docs which should be read.

I plan to use the TuxScreen to do the following:

  • Port ferite to arm and allow it to work better on embedded devices (ie optimise it),
  • Port Imlib2 and evas to MicroWindows,
  • Help mandrake build a small lightweight window manager for X for the TuxScreen, ipaq and other devices,
  • Various other bits and pieces that I have yet to think about :-)
I hang out on #eLinux and #e on OPN (irc.freenode.net) as boris, ctr or jilted and can be contacted by emailing chris@darkrock.co.uk

(14/10) Well I have been pretty busy with real life, but I have been playing about with code. So far I have the tool chain setup, buildroot installed and have managed to build kernels and images. My next step is to get ferite cross compiling. This is going to envolve porting PCRE and ferite. Once this is done it will be pretty trivial to get Microwindows bindings working.

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