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I just got linux running on this thing . . now I'm just experimenting, and debating doing the mod for voip.

11-Sep-2003 - I just bought two more tuxscreens, and I'm determined to make these things more than a geeky telephone. I've searched the wiki some, but can't seem to find any good wireless cards. It'd be nice to get wireless for a phone in the kitchen. Right now, I'm trying to get a phone up with a gui. Then, I'll start on a gui application to be interface to tuxphone. I at least want callerid, and background images of family pictures :)

27-Jun-2002 - I just got my Netgear FA411 in. But, to my surprise, on the back it was marked 5v! Oh no! But, luckily, the card was lying. It is running fine at 3.3v. I can now ping (and telnet to) my tuxscreen.

01-Jul-2002 - I finally have buildroot building. It was quite a feat to get it built under redhat-7.3. Now that it builds, though, I have a nice fresh root fs to play with. For some reason, though, the kernel did not want to boot. I'm still playing with that one.

Tuxphone was pretty old in the build root (even though the top level tuxphone was up to date). So, I copied some files over, rebuilt and re-flashed, and I now have callerid showing up on my desktop from the tuxscreen across the net. Why didn't I buy a wireless card instead of a wired one . . . Oh well . . the high price of being cheap :)

02-Jul-2002 - Ok, We're finally completely up with the current buildroot and kernel. I found two bugs in modprobe.c in the busybox executiable, and sent patches to the mailing list. For some reason, the pcmcia drivers are still not autoloading, so I just added modprobe sa1100_cs and modprobe ds to my linuxrc. It's now booting up and the network works. My only current problem is NFS. I get a lot of 22's when I try to mount nfs volumes. This works on old roots, so it's something to do with the cvs kernel/buildroot setup. Oh well, back to my day job :)

03-Jul-2002 - Last night was a late night. But, I did manage to get NFS sortof working. The problem turned out to be another configuration error in busybox. It was not enabling nfsmount. So, after I changed that, everything worked. But, for some reason, the NFS seems to hang now and then. I don't know if it's a locking problem . . .

Also, today I just noticed the new command line tool in the examples directory of tuxphone. Now I'm running that so instead of just seeing events, I can send events too, and call people . . .pretty cool. Now I just need to write a gui . . . I could do it in java on my desktop . . . soo many projects . . so little time.

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