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I bought a TuxScreen for my car. I plan on basicly removing it from the case, embeding the TouchScreen in my car, and using it for my mp3 player computer in the trunk, as well as displaying maps for my GPS.

Update, Aug 13, 2002:

I recieved my TuxScreen late last week. I've played with the Inferno software for a bit, and am looking forward to installing Linux and MicroWindows. I'll probably try it tonight.

Update, Aug 14, 2002:

So I installed blob and linux on the TuxScreen last night. Had a heck of a time with the 12v and ground connectors. I decided to solder them on, instead of just touching them, because I was bound to slip with the 12v and fry something. Well, once I soldered the ground wire on, I bumped it and it came off, along with the entire trace from the board. Thankfully, the trace seems to be only needed for that ground wire, and I found somewhere else to connect it.

Linux seems to be working allright. I used the v0.6 image with TinyX and the extra stuff. I'm trying to get buildroot-tux set up on my development machine now, so I can package up a root filesystem with the things I'll need.

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