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DevinCarraway works for BlueMug, Inc. doing stuff on hardware not unlike the TuxScreen. He bought a couple of TuxScreens since comparable StrongARM hardware suitable for random personal projects tends to cost 5-10 times as much and not have an attractive form factor.

One of my tuxscreens is slowly turning into a TuxFirewall. Some comments on the machinations found there.

I wrote a ShellModprobe one night when modprobe was broken.

Projects I've been thinking of (which may not entirely pertain to the TuxScreen specifically, though it makes a good platform to do the work on):

* PicoGUI PIM suite, in some reasonably modular pick-and-choose form.

* PIM library: implement the common functionality every PIM suite uses. The goal might be a library to which you could just add a UI and stir.

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