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Jan 16 - For grins, I installed the Minitel Inferno executable (all_1999.gz). Installation went smoothly using the notes in UpdatingInferno. Many thanks to whoever generated them -- they give details that I can't find elsewhere on how to use rdp and how to finagle the new executable into debug mode. Anyway, the Minitel executable is significantly faster than the version shipped with the IS2630. The new web app looks like a complete replacement of the old browser and it is fairly usable. The software modem still connects at 31200 baud so sites with images still take awhile. But it is greatly speeded up. The Minitel executable also includes a Minitel app (in French) and an About tab in the Product Options app. The About tab shows version numbers for software, kernel, drivers, etc.

Jan 14 - For those that might find a logical block diagram of the TuxScreen hardware of use, check out http://tuxscreen.net/download/schematics/tux_block_diagram.pdf - a couple of charts that attempt to show the relationships between the major hardware elements. The first page, courtesy of John Laur, is an overview. The remaining two pages diagram the SA1100, UCB1200 and Mongoose boards together in a bit more detail. Let me know if you see errors or want additions. Many thanks to Ken McGuire for his skill in deciphering the circuitry and generating detailed, accurate hardware schematics that served as the primary sources.

Jan 6 2002 - I'd like to give a vanilla IS2630 (with Inferno) to a grandmother to use as a phone and have email access -- email via a PC would be too complex for her. But I've been unable to get the IS2630 to connect to a dial-up ISP. I inserted login and phone# parameters in the Internet Setup screen and disabled Connection Scripts. When I bring up the Email Client, I get an error message popup that complains "ISP read failed". This happens before any dialing occurs. Has anyone had success bringing up this application on the Inferno base? [SteveMerrifield suggested looking at the web interface first and he provided details on how the web app user interface behaves. With that I could fiddle with the web (very slowly) but still could not bring up the email client.]

Dec 26 2001 - Mine arrived under the Christmas tree and I'm pretty impressed! The Inferno user interface on a 16M machine appears fairly usable -- enough that I kind of hate to clobber it. I did have some initial trouble with the well reported SoftwareDownload boot loop. Many thanks for the workaround!
Email: dfhayden@attbi.com

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