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I've always been attracted to the bottom end of the scale for computing. My first machine was a PET, my second, a Cosmac Elf (RCA CDP-1802 processor, 256 bytes of RAM, no ROM). I've been hardware hacking since those days. Recently, I have been hacking on ~$100 Unix-capable boxes, including a 486-based medical display tablet, the iOpener (x86), WebPal (ARM), Audrey (x86) and now, the TuxScreen.

One of my micro-embedded-UNIX-iappliance projects is a wall clock that happens to also be a time server so that everything in the house has a chance of being set to the right time including the humans. The scope of the project waxes and wanes depending on the nature of the box in question. I'd rather avoid the bulk of an X-Windows program, which leaves direct framebuffer scribbling or something through a browser, like a Javascript wall clock. A variant I'm keeping in mind is a Binary Wall Clock (not strict binary, more of a BCD, like those clocks from the 1970s).

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