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Freeman Pascal - pascal@pascal.org


I'm hoping to use my TuxScreen as a portable graphic console solution for my wearable computer and car system.

Check out Ralf Ackermann's wireless TuxPad as an idea of what I'm after:



Date Comments Status
11 Feb 2002 Reminder - generate diffs for wireless-tools patch for buildroot-tux Pending

Recent updates:
14 Feb 2002

Finally got a functional touch screen using the 2.4.16 kernel, Alex's Microwindows "aph" release, and copying the 2.4.18 ucb1x00-ts.c on top of the 2.4.16 version.

VNC is not working yet. Having problems with VNC authentication. Maybe due to some problems I'm having with my Linksys wireless card and WEP encryption. I'm seeing a stream of "Cannot decrypt received packet" messages. I have the correct WEP key, and most things work across the net due to the retries, but VNC is being stubborn.

12 Feb 2002

Rebuilt microwindows after following Alex's instructions on the list. I now get a mouse cursor, and I can move it "once". After that, my TuxScreen freezes and I cannot do anything with the touch screen or keyboard. The serial connection is still good though. I suspect a bad patch to the mouse driver.

BTW, thanks Alex and Steve for getting me this far. Your help is much appreciated.

11 Feb 2002

Built and installed Alex's snapshot of microwindows (microwin-aph-11feb2002.tar.gz). This still didn't fix my touch screen on my unit. I suspect the problem is with the driver. I don't get any response from /dev/ucb1x00-ts when I cat it.

Steve Merrifield mentioned something about a blfix fix from Alex. It appeares it might have something to do with the touch screen. I sent email to the list asking about it.

09 Feb 2002

I can now complete a successfull buildroot-tux make run. I've been able to build both a default (non-GUI) build and a microwindows build.

I'm now running into a problem with my touch screen NOT working. I get no response out of the touchscreen in microwindows or /dev/ucb1x00_ts when I try to cat it.

Has anyone gotten the 32Mb SODIMM to be recognized for anything larger than the original 16Mb? I could use the extra memory when I get around to running ruby/tk or python/tk for my car interface.

22 Jan 2002

Received two more TuxScreens (thanks Tim).

Received my replacement order from Crucial. This time they got it right and I know have my TuxScreens running with 40Mb (woot!).

18 Jan 2002

Received my order from Crucial only to discover they sent me the wrong SODIMMs. They sent CT8M32E8T6 instead of CT8M32E4T6. I verified I had ordered the right part from the confirmation email that Crucial sent. I tried one any way hoping it was sent as a "suitable substitute" from Crucial. No luck, no boot.

I noticed from searching that I am not the only one who has had this experience with Crucial.

17 Jan 2002

Ordered two more units from Tim.

Ordered three 32Mb SODIMM's from Critical, should be in tomorrow.

09 Jan 2002

Successfully loaded bootloader and v0.5 image on to my unit. Now it's time to setup my development environment for ARM on my wearable system running Linux.

Couple of notes - Tim said I should use the blob image from v0.4 and not the image from the LART site. Also, when I loaded the bootloader, I got a different response than listed in the InstallLinux page. I got a '<38?>' instead of the expected '<58?>'. Everything seem to work though after doing a power cycle of the unit.

I also modified my unit for 5v PCMCIA operation. I did mine a bit differently in that I did not include the diodes for 3.3v operation. I removed R337 and R338 and wired the two pins for 5v only. All of the 5v cards I have tried have worked, including my Fujitsu 340Mb PCMCIA harddisk.

07 Jan 2002

Received my TuxScreen in the mail today. It only took three days to arrive (assuming Tim sent them out on the 4th). Way to go Tim.

I'm playing around with the startup modes (hold ESC when rebooting) and have found several control sequences that have not been documented yet (at least I haven't seen them mentioned). A couple fun ones are Ctrl-G for a game and Ctrl-I ('ey' not 'el') for a flashing screen displaying "Inferno!!!".

27 Dec 2001

Just ordered my first unit. Looking foward to it arriving.

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