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From Shaggy's Shannon Support Page:

Changing flash protections:

You Can Destroy Your Phone Doing This!

Make sure you know what you're doing before you attempt this. If anything changes the first 16K of the flash memory to anything other than a correct monitor image, then your Shannon phone will be transformed into a paperweight. (don't expect to ever get another one if this happens!)

Underneath the phone, if you remove the SODIMM memory, you should see a set of contacts that looks like the following:

 o o o o
   o o o
  /   \
gnd   +12V

Basically, you need to connect (temporarily) +12V to the middle pin in the bottom row, and ground to the left pin in the bottom row. Make sure you connect ground first, and then don't miss with the 12 volt wire!

To unprotect the flash, while 12V is connected, type "P/u 0" at the sboot prompt. If 12V is not detected, the command will wait up to 60 seconds.

KenRestivo adds: I had to do this several times before it worked. When you're done, remove the voltage, do a P/m and check that you actually have '0's and not 'c's in these. The '0' and 'c' characters are close enough on my console font that I didn't notice, and my "c D!blob F!all" wasn't taking, leaving me with Inferno. After a couple more tries, it worked just fine.

TimRiker recommends protecting the first flash block if you do not have a JTAG interface handy. If the phone does not bootup, try hooking in with InfernoRemote again and typing "b" at the prompt after is connects. Sometimes the phone believes it nees to boot into Styx remote all the time apparently.

To protect the flash, while 12V is connected, type "P/p partition" where "partition" is a name or number of a partition. Note that lockable sectors don't always line up perfectly with partition boundaries. Use the map command "P/m" to list the sector mappings and to show the protections. An 'f' means the sector is completely protected, a '0' means it's not, and some number in between means it is partially protected, and you'd better redo the last command.

Note: while 12V is supplied, all protections are temporarily disabled, so you can write anywhere to the flash, and the map command won't show the protections, even though it still keeps track of them internally.

TimRiker adds a picture:


Note that if you have a JTAG interface hooked up, you can used the JFlash flash_locks app to do this as well. It's in CVS. A power connector can be created by using a header and adding some screws for alignment. This one was made by KenIsle:


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