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Hi, I am Gary Schulte. I am a CS student and an avid linux enthusiast. I have almost no embedded linux experience, but no time like the present to start!

An extremely cute little device. I am looking forward to wasting tons of time on it.

11/8 I got my shannon

11/10 got around to loading linux on it. ordered CT8M32E4T6 SODIMM from crucial

11/12 got AmbiCom 8110 ethernet card - supposedly 3.3v but 8390 driver does not like it - wouldn't initialize properly

11/13 received CT8M32E8T6 from crucial - complained & RMA'd. returned the AmbiCom 8110 and got New Media Livewire 10/100 - 5v card but fits nicely. Going to have to try the 5v hack

11/14 tried the 5v hack - successful for top slot but unsuccessful for bottom slot... Anyhow, the New Media card didn't work even with the 5v hack, chalk it up to Fry's open box policy.

11/15 Returned the New Media and went the safe route with the SOHOware 5120e. Works great, should have gotten that one first (10Mb/s is fast enough). setup NFS mount from my main server - now trying to build a native ARM compiler on a i686 - running into a few problems. I also received my ram from Crucial, but it looks like the tuxscreen is still only seeing 16M instead of 40M...

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