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Hi all!

I am Giuseppe Ottaviano, a 16 years old student living in Ragusa (ITALY). I attend the 4 Liceo Scientifico, I think it's equivalent to the high school. I've bought two tuxscreens, one to use it as a phone (strange, not?), the other will probably go in a car to be a mp3 player + gps navigator (via serial port. Do you know any gps navigator opensource software I could port to tuxscreen?). I'm designing (well, trying to design) a stereo soundcard + IDE card (and if there is room left, an ethernet port) to use with the tuxscreen. How to connect it? Have you noticed that the second pcmcia slot is connected to the mainboard via a connector? My goal is to replace that slot with my interface card. The design stage should not be difficult, maybe the PCB will require more work ;-) If anyone wants to help me (firstly suggesting a good free EDA) he's welcome. At the moment I haven't done nothing, I'm choosing what ICs to use.

I unlocked the phones and installed linux, first the v.03 images and everything went good. Then I wanted a GUI and tried Microwindows images of CosmicPenguin. A phone (#2321) works very good, the touchscreen and everything else seems to work. The other phone (#2316) is driving me crazy: the CosmicPenguin's kernel hangs at "UCB 1200 generic module installed", with another kernel the touchscreen doesn't work. The blob at startup instead of showing "consider yourself larted..." shows a mess of dozen of meaningless characters. If I reboot with blob (typing reboot obviously) it shows the correct message. I tried the ReInferno procedure, but at the moment of flashing the first segment ("flash blob") there was a flash error so I messed the bootloader. I had to build an ugly jtag interface, made with wire wrap without a board (the chip is floating held by the wires :-)) because right now I'm not living in my home so I don't have all my instruments. With JTAG I restored Inferno, that works very good, with the touchscreen and the ucb speaker working. I JTAGed the blob again, and again I had the same problems (meaningless characters at init, but usable bootloader), and kernel that hangs. On the comm board there is written "Shannon main""Rev E issue 3". Does it mean anything?

P.S. excuse for my poor english, feel free to correct the text (from an english point of view, obviously :-)) using wiki :-)

My email is giuott@tin.it

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