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Quoting Ward Cunningham, who build the first Wiki: ( http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WelcomeVisitors )

Go ahead and be chatty. But, if you write in the first person you should sign your piece. And when adding to a signed piece add a line (a string of minus signs) before your stuff. In general, though, this isn't a news group. If you don't like something, edit it. If you want to save the opposing viewpoint (however naive), create a new WikiName playing off of the original.

The WikiWikiWeb server has very simple TextFormattingRules. You won't go wrong if you start each line without spaces and separate paragraphs with a blank line. Run capitalized words together to make hyperlinks. This sometimes requires creativity; you're up to it.

This thing is made for rambling. Go ahead and start something. Others will come along later to fill in the details. Here's a list of RecentVisitors just waiting for your additions.

One last thing. Please, Please, don't say things to make others mad. And don't say anything that would get me arrested. Many thanks.

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