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Its fun to play with the shell script, but that gets old. Sooner or later, you will want to get some pretty graphics running on your system. Thats where we come in....

Our goal is to get as many different graphics engines and GUI packages running on the TuxScreen as possible. This will not only help introduce people to some of the lesser known packages, but also help developers of all graphical systems to discover and appreciate the strengths and virtues of all of the embedded graphics engines available today.

You are welcome to add your own comments to the links below, or add new packages as they become available for the TuxScreen. Instructions, URL links and friendly words of advice are always welcome.

Currently running on the TuxScreen as of (09/15/01):

Package WIKI Link URL
TinxX RunningX http://www.xfree86.org
Familiar RunningFamiliar http://familiar.handhelds.org
Microwindows MicroWindows http://www.microwindows.org
PicoGUI PicoGUI http://www.picogui.org

Works in progress (as of 09/15/01):

Package WIKI link URL
QTE / QPE RunningQPE http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/embedded/faq.html

There are also some possible projects that I have not heard discussed yet. Please add to this list as you see fit:

  • DirectFB - The Tuxscreen's framebuffer provides no hardware acceleration, but DirectFB provides pretty decent software counterparts for all functions. There are cool things like video players based on DirectFB

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