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*************** KCarson UPDATED !!!!!!!! 2/18/03 ********************* WELL, I fixed it!, I hope this info helps out some other people out there with the dead screen tuxes. To make a long story short, I believe the small surface mount components in series with the 100ohm resistors at the J301 connector labled FL3xx are actually inline fuses?

Well, the FL313 component had a small scorch mark around it. In my past experience, scorch marks = bad. So I desoldered the FL313 and BRIDGED THE GAP with solder. This has revived my phone! I can SEE now :)

To explain my reasoning while pouring over the PCB for several hours, I started as I mentioned above by continuity testing the cables from the J301 connector. I thought that perhaps one of the vid wires had been crimped to breaking. They all ohmed out correctly. As I mentioned before, the backlight worked, so I thought perhaps it was something on the LCD PCB, so I dissasembled it, touch screen and all...I dont recommend this. Well, after viewing all components with a magnifier...nothing jumped out. So I put everything back together and fired up the tux... still grey. Was going to take the display apart and see if I could get SOME sort of dot or something to light by shorting pins on the lcd connector (dumb idea, but I was stumped) thats when I noticed the small scorch on the FL313. I pulled the pinout for the LCD screen, and found that the pin that was AFTER the scorch controlled VCONT power (contrast). Hmmmm...that makes sense...if the VCONT is not getting power because of the fried component, then it would make sense it would black the screen (no contrast). After that, I looked at all the other FL3xx components that are NOT mentioned in the schematics here, ohmed them and they were all in the microohm range (0.2 to be exact and my meter has a resoution of 0.2 i.e. leads of the meter touching reads 0.2 microohms) So basically continuity. The "blown component was reading 160k ohm. So, since I didnt have a smd fuse, I just shorted the place where the "fuse" was. BINGO!!

Sorry for the rambling..just excited!

Hope someone reads this who has a "bricked" tux, and can check FL313. Good luck! ******************************************************************************

My tux's batteries died, I replaced them, and now my entire display is dead. I have read EVERY post in the wiki and the archives, and see several instances where people report the "lit but grey" display.

Several bits of advice were given, including using InfernoRemote to get in and reboot the machine with a b command.

I have also seen several people report nothing on the serial port when this happens.

I CAN get into InfernoRemote, and it shows the machine booting normally. I have booted into F!kern1 and F!kern2 and the display remains blank.

I used a multimeter, and continuity tested all the cabling from the connection to the tux mainboard to the connectons on the LCD. All cabling is intact. The inverter for the Sharp display is functional, and the backlight lights when the machine is cycled. The phone functions work, and I have not changed the bootloader from the original inferno one that came with the phone (I know, I know, I'm no fun).

The unit beeps with pressing the touchscreen after it finishes booting.

Anyone know a way to test the LCD? Did I reroute screen output to the inferno remote when I was playing last? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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