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Inferno is the OS that comes installed on the TuxScreen phones. It includes modem dialup software, a web browser, an email client, phone book type apps, caller id logs, minitel (a terminal app?), notebad, calendar, and a message center.

It does NOT appear to support ethernet cards, thought the boot loader SBoot is supposed to support the TDKLan card only.

There is a free DL version of Inferno.


It supports remote connections to the TuxScreen, see InfernoRemote.

It is thought that this could be used to flash a new linux bootloader without having to have a JTAG connection.

There are updated Inferno images available:


It can be installed via jtag or by following UpdatingInferno

Here's the new bootup screen that replaces the Philips screen:


One of our number has been working on DecompilingBootloader used for Inferno.

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