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* 15 December 2001 *

Here is a concise list of commands/actions needed to install Linux on a new TuxScreen. These steps were pulled from several pages including InstallingLinux, InfernoRemote, and FlashUnlock. These steps will only be useful to someone who is familiar with the instructions, has already downloaded the necessary software, and is aware of the warnings and disclaimers found on those pages.

WARNING: The following steps include operations which could destroy your phone if you don't know what you are doing! If this makes you at all uncomfortable, see the pages mentioned above for more complete instruction that these brief notes.

o o o o
  o o o
  /  \
gnd   +12V

Unlocking Flash:

  • Connect null-modem cable from <host> to <tux>
  • <tux> [disconnect power] [remove SODIMM and plastic door] [tape over contacts]
  • <host> $ /usr/inferno/Linux/386/bin/emu
  • <host> ; bind -a '#t' /dev ; rdp -s115200 -r
  • <tux> [power up] (screen fades in) ESC ctrl-a
  • <host> >>> P/m # Notice f's
  • <host> >>> P/u 0
  • <tux> [apply 12V]
  • <host> >>> P/m # Notice 0's or repeat as needed
Installing blob (bootloader):
  • <host> $ cp blob-latest /usr/inferno/blob
  • <host> >>> c D!blob F!all
  • <host> >>> Ctrl-C
  • <host> $ minicom tuxscreen # 115200 8-N-1 No flow control
  • <tux> [Reset]
Installing Linux:
  • <host> [Press key to abort autoboot]
  • <host> blob> download kernel
  • <host> $ uuencode tuxscreen-kernel foo > /dev/ttyS0
  • <host> blob> flash kernel
  • <host> blob> download ramdisk
  • <host> $ uuencode tuxscreen-image.jffs2 foo > /dev/ttyS0
  • <host> blob> flash ramdisk
  • <host> blob> boot
- CarlWorth

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