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J.C. Wren has been an embedded systems engineer for more years than he cares to remember. He also writes Windows applications, web apps, and whores himself out to any other software job that pays well. Mostly he specializes in embedded Linux systems, and 8051 code.

J.C. bought 2 TuxScreens to use as a development platform for the StrongArm processor, since they were a lot cheaper than any commercial system. The project he currently works on is an embedded Linux system running on a 386EX/25. This box is basically a black-box flight recorder for automobiles, and is being developed by Georgia Tech with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute.

J.C. lives on a houseboat with his wife, 2 German Shepherds, and 11 computers. He talks to the world via an ADSL line, with a backup IDSL line. He can usually be found on irc.slashnet.org/#perlmonks, or at jcwren@jcwren.com

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