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I'm Jason Dearing, a telecom designer/programmer from Florida. I've been playing with Linux since college, but most recently on my empeg mp3 player.

I've had a problem with uploading a new Inferno image: after issuing the correct c/u command, rdp seems to exit and I get the semicolon prompt again. The "reading" line appears on the phone, but it never gets past this. This happenned while connected at 115200, 57600, and 56700. Should I try another speed, like 115000 or (gasp) 9600?

Oh yeah, is it even worth upgrading the Inferno image in order to get a more recent web browser? It appears to not support frames with the browser in the factory image. Is this an early version of Charon?

This probably isn't the best place to post my questions...is there a discussion group or mailing list? Perhaps this wiki is the best place...:)

thanks, Jason

(dearing at jacksonville dot net)

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