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Hello, reader, from North Carolina, USA! Welcome to my little corner of the Wiki. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures setting up my TuxScreen, and maybe someday I will get everything working and will be able to do something useful...

I was going to put some details and pictures on my website, but alas, I lost the pictures, and have had difficulty maintaining interest with the hard time I've had trying to get a JTAG dongle.

Quick Installation Notes

NOTE: These are incomplete, mainly because we did this starting around 3 or 4 AM at a LAN party, and gave up taking notes at one point. Next time we do it, I'll add to the list. This short bit will get you up to date on Inferno, though, which is sort of hard to find on this site.

INSTALLING INFERNO 1. In some directory somewhere, make two subdirectories: "inferno" and "inferno_root". 2. Go to Vitanuova's website and download "inferno.tgz" and "Linux.tgz" from the fourth edition. Here are direct links to the files: http://www.vitanuova.com/dist/4e/20050720/inferno.tgz http://www.vitanuova.com/dist/4e/20050720/Linux.tgz 3. in the "inferno" directory: $ tar -zxvpf inferno.tgz $ tar -xzvpf Linux.tgz $ ./install/Linux-386.sh 4. in the "inferno_root" directory: $ ./Linux/386/bin/emu -r$INFERNO_ROOT

Note that the $INFERNO_ROOT is the full path to the inferno root there. More to come later.

[2005-03-03] Success At Last!

I was getting pretty discouraged. The last posting was talkin about the success of reloading Inferno... since then, I was unable to get a connection with Inferno to install Linux.

But for some reason, tonight, it worked! I sorta started screaming and a bunch of people nearby came in to see what was wrong. Nothing of course; I had Linux running on my telephone!

Many thanks to Keith Gates for his help with soldering and general support that I keep tinkering and not give up.

Right now he's soldering all the JTAG components onto a breadboard for nice packaging into the unit for future potential use. If anyone needs a JTAG dongle, let me know, we'll make you one for a few bucks.

My next big goal is to get some networking up. I'm also interested in the IDE interface and putting a hard drive in or near the TuxScreen, but that might not even be necessary if I can get it talking to a server. Oh what the hell, yes it is necessary! Because it's fun!

And then, I'm thinking about making it take messages and store them on a remote server so that I can access them over the internet or through the phone. Plus some other useful things like a calendar and I definitely want to implement the recipe thing; I'm moving into an apartment with some friends and we're planning to go Iron Chef on the place.


[2004-09-18] Two years later...

So I finally found a place to order the chip necessary to build my own JTAG dongle. And it is quite geeky! Last night at the Appalachian Linux Users Group meeting ( http://alug.appstate.edu ) I finished constructing my JTAG dongle on a breadboard, and it was so hot! Pictures of the meeting are at http://jtsoft.ath.cx/gallery/tuxscreen . It's awesome! And it works, with Inferno and all. Unfortunately, I'm less one null modem cable, which means I can't do bloody anything useful with the device for now, like installing Linux or something like that. More to come; I'd like to get around to writing a more efficient writeup about how exactly to install Inferno over JTAG, because there was a bit to figure out on my own and with the help of my friends at ALUG, and I'd like to put some of it down into a more documentary bit of documentation.

So I'm just excited. Something useful tomorrow when the excitement has worn off and I get down to actually thinking about what went on.

TimRiker: congrats! that was a bit of deep hacking. Holler if you want a 4M image to JTAG install. basically take a blob image, pad it to 128k, and append a filesystem image. JTAG it over and it should boot linux.

[2002-06-27] Well, drat.

I missed the warning about blobs larger than 32K... So, I now have a $100 brick on my desk! (plus $15 shipping) At least the phone part still works, although I must admit I was rather surprised to hear pulses being generated when I dialed numbers...

Anyways, I'm going to buy a dongle and make a JTAG port. If I don't get anything else out of today, at least I can do a little soldering. I just hope Radio Shack has headers, otherwise its a nice long drive to Raleigh.

Log of events and pictures from today's fun session were at my website, but now they're gone. They weren't that great anyway.

[2002-06-26] Hi!

I ordered my TuxScreen quite a few months ago, and am finally getting around to deeply playing with it. Tomorrow I will be performing FlashUnlock and InstallingLinux unless Christ returns or some other event prevents me. I really am looking forward to playing with Java on the system, but I want to do some hardware hacking as well, so I might just buy another one for that purpose.

Ooh and this idea just struck me... I wonder how hard it would be to install WolfGL on the phone. That would be great! The keyboard is without a doubt too slow (unless there is a way to directly connect it to the phone), but the numeric keypad would be perfect! Slow day at the desk? Got your TuxScreen? Just play some Wolfenstein!

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