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So I finally got around to doing the tuxscreen thing. Fun!

I turned mine into an 802.11b AccessPoint with the hostap (prism2) driver at http://people.ssh.com/jkm/Prism2. Note you'll need to have a kernel with netlink support in it (not default at least in the v5.0 kernel).

One goal could be to implement a full OpenAP http://opensource.instant802.com which means WDS (layer2 roaming) patches for the hostap, udhcpd and some bridging control. Not much really.

I've used the wireless tools with the tuxscreen successfully and the bridge control utilities compile and run (note also a needed kernel config option) but I don't have a 3.3v wireline ethernet card to bridge to.

The display totally wigs out under network load, an interrupt issue i'm told.

Processor load runs up to .6 under heavy network load but the machine won't wedge... the driver drops packets correctly.

Thanks for a nice experience.


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