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Hi All:

My Name is Jerry Walden.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I was born to two Ukranian Mathemeticians who then immigrated to Detroit Michigan in 1964. My father and mother were professors for some time and got the silly idea that I must somehow have the smarts to do something great with my life in the field of Mathematics. So 18 years later I ended up with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, and two profoundly confused parents.

Always being a survivor, as soon as I graduated, I moved to San Jose to work for Novell on an SNA gateway product. After learning all I wanted to know about lurps and burps or whatever, my boss and I started up a group working on the design for an IPX link state router.

As soon as the project became political, I moved onto Gupta corp to learn about database design.

After Gupta became political, I ran off to Borland to work on Interbase (more database stuff). I liked living in the Santa Cruz mountains however all my friends got layed off

I moved on to start-ups like On-Live, VDO-Net, and Xing. All this was fun - however the "start-up" life fizzed for some time, and I worked at the Cal-Poly CAD Research Center in an attempt to learn some new skills.

For some reason someone thought I might be a good manager, and I moved on and met a beautiful Nurse Practitioner at the Cal Poly Health Center, and wound up marrying "wonder-wife". Thinking that I needed to have a fortune 500 career to support a family, I went to work for Microsoft for a few years. Wow - what fun that was.

I was an "Applications Development Consultant" being paid by Microsoft to help companies like Nortel, and Motorola adopt Microsoft technologies. Talk about setting myself up for abuse. Ouch!!!

left that job, to a more humble position at Veritas Mobile Products Division. They fired my boss on my first day of work. So I sat an played solitaire on the PC I was given for 6 months, until I vested my stock and went off and called myself a "consultant".

At Microsoft I learned something very valuable about Linux. Microsoft was very afraid of it, and my customers loved it.

So... I took my first job at a defense oriented job building command and control systems based on embedded Linux distributions, and have been learning as fast as I can ever since.

I am still very new to the technologies, and the Linux world, and I decided the best way to learn more was to become involved in a project such as TuxScreen. So here I am to be of service in any way I can.

I also have a co-located msft box at www.lensgrinder.com that I'm in the process of migrating over to Apache.

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