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JohnLaur is a mostly braindead fellow who got his tuxscreen(s) after the slashdot hype. He plans on using the tuxscreens as end units for a very full-featured PBX or NBX and hopes eventually to support analog POTS + serial control connections to the PBX and VoIP + tcp control protocols running over ethernet.

The planned GUI is probably going to be PicoGUI. On the PBX side, he will use Quicknet Internet PhoneJACK and Internet LineJACK hardware to deal with POTS and PSTN interfaces. Any developers wanting to play with this hardware can get discounted hardware for development work at http://www.linuxjack.com/

He wonders if the Asterix PBX project would suit this better than the OpenH323 suite of applications.

You might find him hanging around irc.freenode.net #eLinux as 'GoRK' or you can send him email at the following address: johnl@blurbco.spam-me-not.com

(9/13/01) Finally got a build environment set up properly
(9/14/01) PicoGUI server and clients running on the TuxScreen on uclibc
(9/15/01) Touchpanel driver working (fixed calibration only)
(9/16/01) Started work on keyboard support.
Fixed little stuff on list.
(9/18/01) My NIC's arrived. See the caveat and an important warning on the PCMCIA page.
Got the console in graphics mode so no more cruft.
Backlight/Contrast/Brightness control added and the backlight turns off when idle.
Got a response back from the author of PicoGUI re: sprite blit problems. Further investigation suggest that something is getting shifted 16 bits somewhere.
Still working on kbd support...
(9/19/01) OK. I got a workaround for the sprite bug. Sent some mails off to smarter people about it. Terminal still does not work, keyboard not finished.
(9/20/01) Went to Denver
(9/22/01) Got home -- Found good info on PicoGUI sprite alignment issues re my emails. Bought a short bus.
(10/14/01) Blah. Haven't updated in almost a month. Oh well. Anyway, I have made a lot of progress with PicoGUI and finally got some images released. Check the download section to grab em for testing. There are a couple little quirks, but on the whole it's a pretty good system already, IMO. Also have been working on making the Linux Progress Patch work properly with the tuxscreen, and should be getting the changes for both Linux Progress Patch and PicoGUI into buildroot-tux for developers very shortly.
(11/27/01) Well this time it was over a month, but I've been busy with a lot of stuff. Released tuxphone and fbtuxcal with the help of many other tux hackers last month. They are in the sourceforge CVS. I built a shanip board (the original design) and it sucked so I was glad to put together a shanip2 board with GPSFan and scanline's new design. I am still working on a PCB design that will let folks get more serious audio functionality out of their phones. I havent made any boards yet, but I plan on ordering some and possibly selling kits or something. I'm still getting the ucb1x00 touchscreen and audio drivers up to snuff on new kernels. I think it is very important to stay in sync with the up-to-date stable kernels. The drivers mostly work fine, now, and the changes are going into RMK's releases, w00t! I got VoIP (gsm codec) calls working last night to an Asterisk PBX server running the IAX protocol. I called some friends today with it. It is pretty darn cool - I can't wait to get a release version working! PicoGUI<->Buildroot integration is mostly done and I wrote an input driver for the new kernels touchscreen interface. Hopefully in the next couple days I can get a release out that uses fbtuxcal, tuxphone, and pgtuxphone (and maybe includes the sample VoIP client for the lucky people who have built Shanip2 mod boards!
(1/18/02) I'm not dead! I swear! :) Seriously, I was on vacation for 2 weeks over the holidays and am slammed with work for a couple more because of that vacation! How nice.
Anyway, the plan when I get back to hacking is to finish up the touchscreen driver for picogui (using RMK's new userspace tslib -- joy of joys, a standard!) then on to the good stuff -VoIP. Yep I still have it working. I make VoIP calls with my tux every day! Now to get it into a releasable and functioning state...
I might also attack the ucb1200 telecom codec now that it is confirmed that the "modem" is not 56k capable, I am certain that the ucb1200 is it and the telecom codec should be able to work -- that will allow us to use the tux as a digital answering system or call-in remote automation program (ie x10, email reader, TTY (TDD), etc.) without modification!!! This is very exciting!
Which reminds me to also finish up tuxphone for status LED, hold, remote DTMF detect, and voip hooks... sigh so much to do; so little time. If anyone wants to hear more ideas on these projects and start working before I get back, just send me an email and I'll be happy to toss around ideas with you.

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