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I am Jordan Crouse (jordanc@censoft.com). In addition to some relaxing kernel hacking and bit banging, most of my time and energy goes toward the MicroWindows Project (http://www.microwindows.org). My main goal is to get a complete MicroWindows operating environment up and running on the tuxscreen, complete with all the good stuff (web browser, etc, etc...). If I ever make it to the IRC, I can usually be found under the name CosmicPenguin. If you see me flapping around, please say hi.

08/16/01 - The most recent collection of Microwindows stuff is now available in http://tuxscreen.net/download/microwin for your hacking pleasure. Stay tuned for more fun stuff (maybe even a jffs image or two)

08/16/01 - MicroWindows now compiles with uClibc (stay tuned for a uClibc patch). I also have the touchscreen working, and a quick touchscreen calibrator working. The touchscreen works OK - every once in a while there is a bad data point, but generally all is well. I will be posting tarballs, diffs and source as soon as I can find some server space to put them all.

08/13/01 - Beautiful. MicroWindows is up and running on the tuxscreen. I don't have a camera right now, so you'll have to take my word for it. I am still having trouble getting MicroWindows to compile with uClibc, but as soon as I have that working, I will post both instructions and jffs2 images. I have also started working on a complete operating environment (I call it TinyTOE (Tiny Tuxscreen Operating Environment). This will include an window manager, a web browser, a VNC viewer, terminal, multiple games, and anything else I can toss into 4 MB. (See below for a screenshot):


Cheers! Jordan

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