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Sun Sep 01 2002

alas, no time left to work on tuxscreen, i've finally killed my frankenboard project and may later try to resurrect one or both of the tuxes as xterminals. oh well, it's been fun, maybe i'll come back to it later

Tue May 28 2002

and girlie's daddy is getting pretty good at xcircuit and pcb. i added the schematics for the frankenboard here: http://restivo.org/projects/tuxscreen/frankenboard

my kernel driver for handling interrupts on the gpio line now works, and i'm starting the arduous and annoying process of trying to get berkeley db to compile for the tux.

Tue May 21 2002

well, turns out that girlie likes tuxscreen #1! http://restivo.org/pictures/baby/200205251340062.jpg she is getting quite proficient at the GIMP. http://restivo.org/pictures/baby/girlie1.jpg girlie sends her thanks to Jacques and TomW for getting TinyX running.

Thu May 02 2002

stuck in electronics-land: learning to use the excellent, powerful, and FREE (beer/speech) xcircuit and pcb, and designing a nice, clean PCB to replace the narsty-ass frankenboard. also mounted the tux CPU board in a nice aluminum project case.

my buildroot has again (temporarily) diverged from cvs buildroot-tux, since i don't have time to deal with the new blob/jffs. but i'm prepared: started building a little jtag dongle from a spare 74ls244 that was sitting around.

Sun Apr 21 2002

got the second serial port working. got everything set up right, but no data coming out of the TX/RX pins. Tangent sent me the link to ShanIP232 which confirmed that i was doing the right things. Finally found some weirdness in arch/arm/mach-sa1100/shannon.c, made changes, and all is well. added my experience to the end of ShanIP232 .

Sat Apr 20 2002

made some mods to busybox telnet so that i can download images via BlobTerminalServer. ugly, but, hey, it works.

Fri Apr 05 2002

well, i have put the girlie's-first-computer idea on the back burner and have made significant progress on the industrial automation project!

i'm not sure if it's appropriate to add to the wiki, but a link is here: http://restivo.org/projects/tuxscreen/frankenboard

Tue Apr 02 2002

i have been jacking with the build system. NOTE: my makefiles got merged into the main BuildRoot tree, so i no longer have any need to maintain a separate buildroot system.

January 2002 got one of these because because my 1-year-old daughter gina has discovered that pictures can appear on my laptop display, and is now poking at my lcd panel going "guuuh!" while i'm trying to work. uh-huh. it's time to get her her own computer to poke at, and maybe write some fun apps for her using the touch screen and dsp. http://restivo.org/pictures/baby/2002011123000023.jpg

also, i have an industrial automation project underway, and if tuxscreen passes the gina-test i may propose it as a user display.

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