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I'm another Wiki user, not the creator of the device. I created this page because it wanted to be made.

The touchscreen that I think the TuxScreen uses is Sharp's LM8V31. I got statistics from Sharp's press release and announcement page, at http://smaecom1.sharpsec.com/eprise/main/FldrSharp/Sharp/news/archive111798a .

The screen is a 7.7" touchscreen LCD device, capable of displaying VGA resolution (640x480). The display has a .25 pixel pitch. The display creates 55 nits (a measurement of brightness unrelated to distance) through the touchscreen interface, with a contrast ratio of 30:1, and consumes 1.6 watts of power.

Viewing angles are +- 50 degrees horizontal, and +50-30 vertical (can't be as far below it as above, it seems).

There are two sibling devices without touchscreens: the V302, which provides 120 nits of brightness and a 50:1 contrast ratio, and the V30, which provides a 35:1 contrast and 70 nits of brightness, but only consumes .83 watts of power. Otherwise, all remaining statistics are identical.

Apparently, one can call 1-800-642-0261 for better details.

- Fatzilla / StoneCypher

TimRiker adds: yes. see DSTN

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