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The TuxScreen project has located the following resources:

http://www.csh.rit.edu/~shaggy/shanno/index.html Shaggy's Shannon Support Center

* http://www.lucent.com/minds/techjournal/jul-sep2000/pdf/paper14.pdf Lucent Paper talks about a 5v pcmcia hack and VOIP on the IS2630

* Nirva's hack has some errors, but useful.

* http://www.mailgate.org/comp/comp.os.inferno/msg00227.html broken PCMCIA slots (update, we have 3.3v cards working now. Reset does not appear to work which just means that a card will not wake up on a "cardctl insert" command. Raw insertion seems to work fine)

* http://www.mailgate.org/comp/comp.os.inferno/msg00206.html GPIO pin assignments

* http://www.mailgate.org/comp/comp.os.inferno/msg00476.html flashing procedure also FlashingWithSBoot

* Tested Inferno upgrade procedure http://erire.com/shannon/upgrade.html

* http://www.openhardware.net/TuxScreen/

http://developer.intel.com/design/strong/sa1100.htm Intel® StrongARM* processors sa-1100 - (IC100)

* Intel® StrongARM processors SA-1100 Microprocessor http://developer.intel.com/design/strong/manuals/278088.htm Developer's Manual

* http://developer.intel.com/design/strong/applnots/278203.htm Memory Organization on the Intel® StrongARM SA-1100 Evaluation Platform

* http://developer.intel.com/design/strong/applnots/278287.htm Bandwidth Calculations for SA-1100 Processor LCD Displays

* http://www.arm.com/sitearchitek/armwww.ns4/html/documentation?OpenDocument ARM and Thumb Instruction set quick reference guide - a quick reference guide to ARMv4 assembly

* ARM Architecture Reference Manual (Prentice Hall, Dave Jaggar) ISBN 0-13-736299-4 (provides the ARMv4 assembly reference guide.)

* http://www.altera.com/literature/lit-exc.html PDF versions of some of these

Micron 60-ns EDO/DRAM MT4LC1M16E5-6 - (IC200, IC201, IC202, IC203)

* http://images.micron.com/pdf/datasheets/dram/d52.pdf Data Sheet

* http://images.micron.com/pdf/datasheets/DT49.pdf Designing DRAM footprints for embedded systems

* http://images.micron.com/pdf/datasheets/DT44.pdf Maximizing DRAM valid data out window

* http://images.micron.com/pdf/datasheets/DT40.pdf EDO compatibility with FPM DRAM's

* http://images.micron.com/pdf/datasheets/DT30.pdf Various methods of DRAM refresh

Philips UCB1200 advanced modem/audio analog front end - (IC300)

* http://www-us2.semiconductors.philips.com/pip/UCB1200 Data Sheet

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