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User: Marcus Wolschon

Homepage: http://www.wolschon.biz

email: Marcus@Wolschon.biz

occupation: freelancer, can be hired

I am building a wearable-computer in a vest out of my TuxScreen. You can find my status and everything on

http://wearforge.perilith.com/bin/view/Wearhard/TuxScreen .

(It's a much more capable wiki so I'm hosting it there).

status: everything works. Hopefully presentation on <a href="http://www.linuxtag.de">LinuxTag this weekend. Improvements on their way .

http://wearforge.perilith.com/pub/Main/WOC2/WOCII-419.jpg http://wearforge.perilith.com/pub/Main/WOC2/WOCII-407.jpg

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