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January 11, 2002 I tried setting a value for BUILD_DIR, which gets passed into jpeg-6b/configure, thus setting "prefix". Make finished running after that change, and commenting out some picoGUI apps in makefile.picogui that didn't compile. I flashed the kernel and filesystem, and booted the tux, but picoGUI still didn't run. I had to fix a typo in /etc/pgserver.conf on the tux before it would work. I just changed "bg_picogui.th" to "bg_tuxscreen.th".

Yeah, sorry about that :) I'll be getting back to PicoGUI and Tuxscreen hacking in short order after I finish this project I'm on right now. -- JohnLaur

January 10, 2002 I got the CVS build-root, and tried to 'make' it. It works unless I specify a GUI. When I set "GUI=picogui" or "GUI=microwindows" in the Makefile, I get errors making jpeg-6b. "prefix" is undefined in the Makefile, which screws all the other paths up.

My Netgear FA411 PCMCIA network adapter came in, and worked without a hitch. I just had to edit the linuxrc file, to use the dhcp client since my router is a DHCP server (Uncomment the "udhcpc -n -q" line in /linuxrc).

January 8, 2002 This is my first wiki entry, but I've had my Tux for a few weeks. I unlocked the flash, downloaded the v0.4 binaries from http://www.tuxscreen.net/download and wrote the kernel and filesystem (including microwindows) to the tux.

I commented out the line that starts nxstart.sh in /etc/inittab, and uncommented the line that starts a getty on tty1, so right now it boots to a login prompt. I've been playing around with picoGUI on my PC, and as soon as I install toolchain on my PC, I'll crosscompile some picoGUI apps for the tux.

I'm also going to do the PCMCIA-5V hack, because I have a 170MB 5V PCMCIA hard drive (only $25 on pricewatch.com). Unfortunately it's a type III card, so it fills the space of both slots in the tux (while only using one connection). If I get ambitious enough I'll try to get a type I or II card to fit at the same time, for a network connection. Without the network connection, I have to use minicom's zModem file tranfer to send files from my PC, and "rz" to recieve them.

The end goal of my tux is to be the display for a moving-map navigation program I'm writing. It'll read navigation data from the serial port, connected to a 80188 SBC running uC/OS and another program I'm writing that uses a Kalman Filter to integrate GPS, vehicle speedometer, magnetic compass, and accelerometer data.

Thanks to BZFlag, scanline, jacques, Russ, CosmicPenguin, and everyone else on the #eLinux channel of irc.freenode.net for all their help.

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