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Most likely "Power Failure Indicator" or "Power Failure Imminent".

I would tend to believe the first one, since that power supply doesn't seem to be large enough to support holding up the base unit for any amount of time to perform a useful function.

KenMcguire adds: Tim sent me the power supply that he had opened up. I traced out the PFI portion of the schematic. It can be found here: http://tuxscreen.net/wiki/view//ScheMatics From the circuit diagram, it looks like the PFI output is not a level as was previously thought, but a signal (see below). The period of the waveform is 8.333ms, or 120 Hz, when plugged into a 60Hz AC line.

http://tuxscreen.net/download/schematics/PFI.jpg http://tuxscreen.net/download/schematics/Wally.jpg

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