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I've been hacking Linux on and off for quite some time. I started playing with Linux/iPAQ mid-year 2001. I picked up a TuxScreen late September 2001, but showed great cowardice in waiting for the wheaties.c announcement to put any serious effort into installing Linux. At that point, I did the following:

* Grabbed a 128MB CF card, untarred Familiar 0.5 beta onto it.

* Set up the 4mb flash ramdisk to pivot over to the CF card if it's there.

* Picked up my housemate's D-Link DWL-650 Prism-II based 802.11 card (needed to install 0.8.3 firmware). Now I can compile/test/copy executables from my NFS-mounted server.

* Wrote a barebones "backlight on/off" app, and wired it up to a keyboard binding in ion, so I can shut off the backlight (this thing is meant to live in my bedroom).

That's about it so far, as of this writing. The next project is probably somewhere in the wheaties application space, as I get time.

I can be contacted at stewart at wetlogic dot net.

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