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I have had a tuxscreen for a few months and have gotten pretty excited with some of the things it can do. I am saving up a few dollars and will most likely buy a few more. I am hoping to figure out a way to attach a small GPS to the tux and mostly use the screen and keyboard for my car. I don't program much at all but do large amounts of testing of software and hardware. I can say I do like Gadgets!

I have so far tested Familar, Debian over NFS, standard tuxscreen builds, Microwin, NanoX, the pre builds for 2.4.13 and the wheaties with 2.4.7 and 2.4.13 using the tuxphone daemon

I purchased a D-link DFE-670TXD and it works great. I also bough a 128 meg SandDisk and put a swap file on it and boot Familar off it.

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