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This is a picture of the power supply label.


It has 3.3v, 5v, gnd, and PFI pins. Note that the picture of the pinouts is based on the male end of the cable not the connection on the phone. You would need to mirror this if you are connecting to the phone itself. You will damage the phone if you hook up power incorrectly.

It weighs 11.4 ounces for those of you considering having TimRiker remove it from the box prior to shipping.

CliveN has directions for hacking the Power Supply for 220v use.

MarcusWolschon You can find some reliable figures about the power-draw at: http://wearforge.perilith.com/bin/view/Main/WOC2

TimRiker notes: the 3.3 and 5v pins on the PowerSupply all have the correct voltage (within tolerance) when the PowerSupply is not attached to anything. There is a low amperage 2.2-2.4v on the PFI pin that seems to be just feedback through a test circuit. I assume the phone would work without this pin. The included PowerSupply might use feedback on the pfi to stablize the power in some way though.

TimRiker adds: it looks like the DSP does a reset from time to time if the PFI is not connected. The computer portion functions fine without it.

SteveDavies confirms that the system works fine without PFI connected.

The Keyboard uses 2 AAA batteries.

The Phone, but not the computer portion, can run off 4 AA batteries if inserted in the bottom.

TimRiker hacked a PowerSupply apart for your viewing pleasure. The power connector on the TuxScreen is a Mac style serial connector.


http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-628f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-629f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-630f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-631f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-632f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-633f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-634f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-635f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-636f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-637f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-638f.jpg http://www.TuxScreen.net/img/mvc-639f.jpg

Here are the colours from a Mac Serial cable that correspond to the relevant connections on the TuxScreen power socket.


BhimaJi adds:

Obviously, of course, Mac serial cables don't always use the same colors. More importantly, they are not wired straight through, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3. All Macintosh serial cables are the equivalent of "crossover cables" - modems, computers, PDAs, etc. all transmit on the same pins and receive on the same pins - thus, the transmit side of one plug goes to the receive side of the other plug.

The reason I mention this specifically is that if you take a Mac serial cable and cut it in half, and measure the pinout/color mapping for one half, it will be different for the other half. You have been warned.

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