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  • PCMCIA does not work with the 0.5-images
    switch to the current version from CVS
  • What happens if I plug in my display the wrong way?
    probably nothing. Switch off, turn around, try again.
  • My microdrive does not get detected with the latest code and no 5V-modification
A Answer by TimRiker: check that you have ide-cd.o under /lib/modules/ and that /etc/pcmcia/config has ide-cs and not ide_cs in it. As the latest builds still have the modprobe seg fault problem, insmod ide-cs before inserting the drive.

  • Can the 2 cables between Backlight and backlight-power-generation be extended?
    it works with about 1m and 3 plugs/socket-connections here, including touch-screen (and the touchscreen it's not one mm off). SimonLabrecque would like to know more about this; he tried extending the 34-pins cable from the LCD to the comm board, without success... the LCD would stay completely black. Any idea?
  • What happens when the black IR-receiver breaks off? Would that cause a tuxscreen to no longer boot at all? (That's my problem and the possible cause.)
    The tuxscreen will apear to be dead. It will not boot, not Jtag, no bootloader, nothing. Solder it on again!
  • What to test if your Tuxscreen apears dead (has power but nothing on the serial-port nor display)?
  • Can the ram be upgraded without de-soldering the on-board ram-chips?
  • Does anyone have a JTAG Dongle I can borrow? Or know where I can get one? I bricked my TuxScreen awhile back and haven't had any time to play with it, but I'd like to get back into it. The schematics for the dongle are nice, but I don't have a clue where to get the little IC.
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