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06 November: OK, put the phone back together again, and immediately got either a Red Screen Of Death ( unrecoverable error ) and a GUI screen that said "Downloading Software". Fortunately, this is old hat - See InstallingLinux and SoftwareDownload (briefly, press ESC when booting, then press 2).

Oh, and another rank newbie error - In the "Web" drop-down box above (when editing), change to "Users" for your personal summary page otherwise you end up in the main web.

So, following other's footsteps - got InfernoRemote going, and am about to FlashUnlock, but will take a deep breath and try to get this one right first time...

Got my phone 5 November '01, immediately pulled it apart and now it's a mess. It's all downhill from here...

I'm in NewZealand, where summer is almost upon us and so the TuxScreen will probably languish. Especially since I'm training for a mountain bike race right now. But, come March or April it'll become my trusty winter evening entertainment!

I know very little about Linux in general, apart from having run up Mandrake 8 to have a look, so on the software side I'm probably not going to be very helpful. I may be able to contribute a bit more on the hardware (electronics engineer for a living).

I can be reached on rfbrown at clear dot net dot nz, if anyone so desires.

Happy hacking!

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