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22.7.2002 - I bought a pcmcia network adapter D-Link DFE-650TX with price of 48€. It Worked right out of the box. No need to edit anything. The card doesn't block the access to the other pcmcia slot as the model TXD would have done.

My aim is to mount an NFS export from the server, but the TinyX distro doesn't seem to have all the needed parts present and now I noticed that I don't possess the knowledge how to transfer files through network. All the familiar tools are absent. Have to continue from that later...

19.7.2002 - I put my Tuxscreen into pieces. I had to see what's inside and I took a hammer...I mean screwdriver and carefully opened the casing. I have an idea in my mind where no casing is going to be needed or at least it'll be very different. I also carefully soldered off all the unnecessary wires from the communication board. I just left the keyboard IR receiver connected.

17.7.2002 - Power adapter bought with insane price of 38€. I had to drill a hole to it for the ground pin of the Tuxscreen's own adapter. I don't know much about electricity, but the guy who sold the adapter said it was perfectly safe to do so(!). The power adapter works ok.

I also had to buy couple connectors to make a null modem cable for Blob and Linux installation. In the middle of the cable soldering I got frustrated with the whole thing and desided to give a call to local computer store. 32€ for single null modem cable! That gave me strenght to countinue bad soldering with my own cable. And my cable worked fine.

I followed the steps carefully to install Blob and Linux. After rebooting first time with blob I got just a line of crap out the TuxScreen and for a moment I thought I'm gonna need that JTAG dongle, but it was just a baud rate that I had set wrong in minicom. I desided not to install v0.6 distro, since I didn't fully understand how to install it with kernel and ramdisk in same file. And I desided not to install v0.5 since there was ramdisk jffs2 file missing, just md5sum file left. So I installed TinyX distro and it works great. One strange thing is just that colors in X get all wrong if started just plain "startx". "startx&exit" and they are correct.

16.7.2002 - I finally got my TuxScreen delivered from Tim Riker. I don't have a 110V->230V power adapter so that has to be bought. Costs: Tuxscreen 99$, JTAG Dongle 40$, shipping to Finland 31$

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