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We got Slashdotted. Orders for 100 phones came in less than 2 days. TimRiker had a living room full of phones waiting for USPS to pick them up.

http://tuxscreen.net/img/20010907a.jpg http://tuxscreen.net/img/20010907b.jpg http://tuxscreen.net/img/20010907c.jpg

Slashdotted: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=01/09/05/1413232&mode=flat

The first have were scheduled to ship on Thursday, but USPS did not show up in spite of placing 4 calls to confirm that they would be here. All 100 were boxed and waiting Friday morning. TimRiker called them every 1/2 hour till they showed up at 1 pm on Friday. They are on the way to all those Slashdotters out there!

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