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Hello - I'm a new Shannon user and ran into this problem today, on my first remote boot...

Inferno Third Edition (21 Jul 2000) main (pid=628) interp
Initialize Dis: /dis/emuinit.dis
; bind -a '#'t /dev ; rdp -s115200 -r
rdp 0.17 (port=/dev/eia0, bps=115200)
R13_irq= 0x500, R14_irq= 0x60000093, SPSR_irq= 0x80000010
R13_abt= 0x800, R14_abt= 0x111d7980, SPSR_abt= 0x80000010
R13_und= 0x700, R14_und= 0x60000093, SPSR_und= 0x80000010
MMU enabled, ICache/DCache/WriteBuffer disabled.     Inferno Enabled.
sboot jumpstart vector: 0x40
<sa1100_setbps 115200>[Rdp] Broken: "array bounds error"

Thanks to TimRiker for suggesting the solution - use 9600 bps instead.

Another beware - connecting to the machine once the bootloader is installed seems to work only at 115000 bps, and not lower, on Windows.

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