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My name is Francois Dessart; I studied electronic engineering for 5 years and I'm now working as a network engineer in a Belgian University.

With friends (members of the K-Net Team), we bought several TuxScreens a few weeks ago...we are still waiting for them...USA is far away from Belgium.

Our project with TuxScreens is to build an integrated system for a car:

- a embedded MP3 player interface. - a GPS controller. - a car diagnostic tool, based on the OBD-II or equivalent system. - everything else you can think about while driving your car.

We hope to receive them very soon...more info later.



Just received my TuxScreen after a big travel: USA-Belgium-USA-Belgium...thanks to Customs...

I played with the standard Inferno (Phonebook,...). However I just pressed the "reset" button and now my Tuxscreen is only trying to download software...

I think I should only install Linux now!


Successfully Linuxized my tuxscreen. Running a TinyX image. Next step: finding a PCMCIA Ethernet card, connecting the phone to the network and using the X-server.


I got an old XIRCOM PCMCIA Ethernet Card. I did 5V hack (just 1 wire soldering). I also built my first buildroot-tux with net support and TinyX. Working fine...

The X server is quite good, I can view holiday pictures on it.

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