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SpencerUtley is having problems getting the copy command to work via InfernoRemote. If he tries to copy partitions to the PC, the progress bar on the TuxScreen climbs up to 4194304 in about 2 seconds - he gets a null file on the PC and rdp hangs, apparently waiting for data. If he tries to copy to the TuxScreen, the progress bar sits at zero, and rdp crashes back to the Inferno prompt. Note that this happens from both Linux and Win98.

ZachH adds: This happened to mine also, but unfortunately I could find no resolution. Any ideas?

SpencerUtley responds: I guess I'll have to rig up JTAG unless someone has the secret decoder ring. I have a feeling that one of these times, instead of a harmless crash, it'll turn into a brick and I'll have to use JTAG to recover anyway.

JohnLaur responds: If you are trying to save backups of inferno partitions from the phone to your PC and you are not using windows (e.g. you are using linux), you must not be root. The inferno emulator for security reasons will not write files as root. To get this to work, you have to change permissions on your serial port and all the inferno files so that whatever normal user you run the Inferno emulator with can access the serial port and read/write files in the Inferno tree. Hope this is your only problem, though I fear it is not exactly what you are talking about...

SpencerUtley sighs: I know. I was not root, I have a separate user and group for Inferno which own the Inferno tree as well as links to the serial ports. As I said before, the same thing happened when I tried it from my Win98 box. And I couldn't write to the TuxScreen either. Thanks for the suggestion though.

AkulaSJ adds: Yeah, I've got exactly the same problem - both with Win98 and Linux, but only when attempting to copy to the TuxScreen. I've had success with backing up files from the TuxScreen - you could try it with smaller ones (F!config, F!spare1), as it takes much less time to see the results - I know it's hard to be patient when there are no indicators on either screen. I'm not sure if that helps our main problem, but it's a start... what are your serial port settings in Windows? UPDATE: turns out that it was a problem with the serial connection via windows. I finally got it to work via Linux. I had to remove any entries for ttyS0 in /etc/inittab and reboot. Then everything was ok.

SpencerUtley confesses: Seems I was pretty stupid. And impatient. And Inferno is naughty with the way it writes files. Long story short, I have my little penguin now.

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