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Hi, I am Peter Havelaar.

I live in the Netherlands and I have been following the TuxScreen for more than a year already, because I think the platform is great for trying out embedded systems. Although I really wanted to have one, I waited... Until I checked the site again and saw there were only 20 left! I ordered 2 of them and got lucky, 3 days later they were sold out. After about 5 weeks they were delivered at the office (I originally talked my boss into getting them, but I decided to keep them myself) and I was a happy man. I have ran both of them succesfully using a 220v/110v converter. One of them is sitting at my desk in the office doing its job as a real phone. Just before this writing I hacked one PowerSupply for 220v, see CliveN's page. I'm getting quite bored with Inferno now, so I'll be flashing Linux shortly.

You'll be here more soon!


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