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Steve Redler IV , is a fulltime hardware and software hacker, specializing in industrial controls and electronic process management through the use of computers and custom electronic devices.

8-23-2001 Finally got around to loading Linux on one of my TuxScreens. The only snag was that Inferno for Windows would exit rdp mode when trying to upload the blob bootloader, so I installed Inferno on Linux and all went as described. Good job fellas!

My Socket LP-E CF ethernet works great. If someone can pass me some schematics for the boards, I'll see about fitting the pcmcia sockets with 5V and reset (if needed) so I can get my prism2 wlan cards running.

I need to get hold of TimRikers X-server so I can test tcl/tk next...

7-2-2001 Got my 5 Tuxscreens today. Stumbled across the problem that Carl had while trying to activate 206mhz mode, where the unit just powers up to the software download screen. Found the solution by trial an error: Hit esc while logo fades in during bootup, let go, wait for 10 sec timer to appear, then hit the "2" key on the infra-red keyboard..tadaa! back to the desktop! Ok, back to playing with inferno :) BTW, I wasnt expecting these units to be internet ready. When I saw all the isp setup screens, I figured I try typing in the settings for my local dialup isp, lo an behold.. I was online surfing the web with this baby! The browser leaves a lot to be desired, but it has some definite cool factor! Now I read TimRiker already figured out the "esc 2" solution on SoftwareDownload ..welp, I like a good puzzle now an then..next time Ill read "everything" before I go nuts :)

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