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I was getting this started and X segfaulted all over itself. I took it as a sign that the bad joke I had written about ARMs had better not be posted. You should all be grateful.

I'm going to be hacking mine into an onboard computer module for my car. It won't be permanently mounted for the obvious reason that I still want to do other cool stuff with it.

Here is the plan: First I need to finish getting my VW Bug able to pass the safety inspection. That will happen next week. During that time I will also be hacking on whatever Linux kernel and X environment I can get setup. I'll get more specific once I really find out what this can do. I may even put together a root FS that just brings it up as an X server that can ssh into my box and start a gnome-session.

There is alot I hope to do to this. The trick is getting around to doing it.

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