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I plan on using the Tuxscreen for the display portion of a complete automobile computing system. I hope to link it to another machine mounted under the seat of my VW Eurovan Weekender. This other machine will be the file server and will be linked to my GPS via serial and supplying maps to display on the Tuxscreen over ethernet (yes, I want a LAN in my Van :-).

I'll probably add MP3 functionality, I found a source for a reasonably-priced FM transmitter, so that I don't have to swap out the current sound system, which doesn't have additional inputs.

Wireless might be nice (for quick driving directions). For our frequent cross country trips we carry my wife's iBook and use our cell phone modems, but Portland, OR has a pretty extensive free wireless network, so a wireless card might be nice for "war driving," and for updating the server in our driveway from our existing home wireless network.

JohnLaur doesn't want to be pessimistic but adds:

Ouch! How are you going to deal with the problem of the screen in the sunlight? Most large active matrix screens are difficult to read; much less a DSTN panel.

ThomasHudson replies:

Actually it will be mounted under the dash in a console, which doesn't get direct light. However, I do still need to check if it will be usable in bright ambient light. The GPS I have is a Garmin eMap, which has a good display for mounting on the dash to see while driving. It's just the eMap can only hold one or two states worth of detailed maps in RAM, (it has major roads for all of the US in ROM), and the format is proprietary and downloading new maps requires windoze. We do a cross country trip about every year and a half, and it would be nice to have a larger display and storage for evening planning, trip tracking, etc.

Also, it would be nice to have an interface with several large buttons for selecting preselected playlists of MP3's. Hopefully I won't be fiddling with it too much while driving.

But thanks for the heads up. I'll do some real world testing before using it in this application. I can think of plenty of other uses around the house if the display is not suitable.

EduardoFonseca Adds:

Hey! I have some serious experiments in this area... If you need something, just scream :)

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