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The Alternate project

Jul 26,2002
Ok it's been a while but some progress has been made. I have abandoned PicoGUI for TinyX because of the lack of a web browser and dillo is a readily useable tiny browser that works. Plus, using a standard X gives better application availability. (porting an existing X app to tiny X is trivial)

Oct 01,2001

Thanks to TimRiker I'm back on the developer track! Got the phone today, everything is working great. Now to set up the lab and start the hacking.

Sep 29,2001

TimRiker got the phone and hacked on it for a while. It does appear to be broken and the cause is unknown. A replacement phone goes out in the mail. TimRiker tries numerous times to email TimGray, but all email bounces, so the message is here instead.

Sep 18,2001

Well I tried to reseat the I.O. board and I checked for bad solder joints. No luck. I can only assume that there is a bad semiconductor on the board somewhere. Probably in the memory (not the memory card), flash, or processor. All attempts to return the unit to regular operation by pressing ESC on bootup and the number 2 as mentioned on other pages here had no luck either.

Sep 17,2001

Got My tuxscreen today! Unfortunately it suffers from a bug problem that after 10 minutes it locks up and cannot be used until you remove the batteries and unplug it for a minute or two. I'm hoping that this is a common problem related to software(as the software will get blown away soon) in the unit's screen saver and not a hardware problem.

Update It seems that it's not a software problem, it locks up after 10 minutes no matter what going into a black screen of doom... Looks Like I'm the first to get a bad unit. (based on the assumption that I dont see any complaints or notes of anyone else getting one. If I am wrong, please let me know. CORRECTION: CarlWorth was the first to get a bad unit.

Update2 : well it no longer boots. on my 4th attempt to track the problem and verify that it's a reproducealbe problem I now get only a black screen on boot up with white text that states... TRAP:data abort in fig interrupt FSR C0007007 FAR 00000000 PSR 200000D1 type 18 PC 00105974 R11 .... and so on with numbers ... Your IS-2630 is no longer operating correctly. Please press the reset button.

I tried the ESC, CTL-D, 2 as mentioned on SoftwareDownload to get around the flashing red screen, and this does nothing.

Sep 05, 2001

I havent recieved my tuxscreens yet, but I plan on making an alternate filesystem image for the units. based on PicoGUI to integrate home automation, data integration and retrieval, with internet web/email being last on the list and only added as an afterthought. I want my device to sit in the kitchen, in the den, and in the living room offering control of lighting, entertainment, and data retrieval... ("junkyard wars starts in 5 minutes", "It's your mother's birthday today... press here to call her") and even display a small png still image snapshot of the person at the doorbell from the doorbell cam.

I have basically started this project using citadel industrial computers and migrating to this roomy telephony device should be easy. My idea will be to network back to a central computer (a 386 or other low-power computing platform) that act's as an application server and a data server to allow upgrades to the devices without having to reflash while acting as the system communication controller. The logistics on how to do this are not designed yet. (with my citadels I just use the ethernet card on it's own network in my home, without having a tuxphone in my hands I cant tell you how I am going to approach the solution.... yet...) Home automation will be via my Leopard or Ocelot from adicon or even a CM11a X10 computer interface for a cheap solution. (Everything that is server-side will also be freely available.)

more info here as I get around to it as I have way to many things to do and no time to do it....

Other time-wasters I have in my life.... Learning the Guitar, Crashing RC aircraft (someday I'll actually get to the flying part), Home automation fabrication, Programming in C, becoming 100% Microsoft Free, SMP Linux.

and the non time wasters is my daughter and work (my second home it seems)

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