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*** 5/10/02 *** Post #3 ***

Tim Riker comes to the rescue! I found http://www.geocrawler.com/archives/3/10346/2001/11/0/7038237/, which told me how to "recover" my Tuxscreen #1. Tim's advise on that page was...

Didi you have InfernoRemote setup? I find that sometimes the phones get
in a state where they always want to start InfernoRemote. The only way I
know to get back is to hook up InfernoRemote and type 'b' to boot into a
normal kernel state.

...so I tried that...

>>> b
flash: id=1/49 (AMD Am29LV160BB), ss=20000 fs=400000 w=2 b=0-20000 f=5
Uncompressing shannon_kern2_3u
693185 -> 1504856
Text: 1063800 Data: 441056 BSS: 85528 Code Base: 8000

...and I now have the original Inferno system running again. Thanks, Tim!

*** 5/9/02 *** Post #2 ***

The first Tuxscreen (mentioned in Post #1) still won't boot; I plug it in, the screen immediately goes dimly-backlit blue-grey, and nothing. No noise, no flicker, even if I hit the red reset button.

I brought another Tuxscreen home from work. This one is serial number 0001037. All other information looks the same. My plan is to try to get blob loaded without killing another Tuxscreen ;-)

As with the first unit, the partitions already say they're not protected (at least that's what I assume when the flags all say zero, as they do in the ">>>P" output in Post #1), so I haven't been applying the 12v before attempting to write to flash. When I do attempt to write, I get this:

>>> c D!blob F!all
flash: id=1/49 (AMD Am29LV160BB), ss=20000 fs=400000 w=2 b=0-20000 f=5

and the remote session just sits at the semicolon. The screen of the unit gets the "0 to 14054" bar on the green status line at the bottom, and that line also says "reading" at the left side, but it never shows any progress.

So far, I've only come across one mention of the "semicolon problem" on the Web, but I didn't get the clue(s) I need from that page. If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to hearing them. If I can still get Tuxscreen #2 to boot, I'll probably attempt applying 12v next time, just to stay as close to the "directions" as possible.


*** 5/8/02 *** Post #1 ***

My employer purchased several IS2630s from Philips "back in the day". They came pretty darned close to being usable. As it turns out, all they really need is Linux (and a Tuxscreen community to make it happen!).

I am hopeful that I'll get the time to get Linux running on ours. I suspect that they're pretty old, though. Can anyone look at the information below and tell me if I'll be able to do anything with them? I would certainly appreciate any and all advise.



  Hardware Information
  Product ID: IS2630
  Serial Number: 0001388 (on the unit I'm looking at right now)
  Manufacture Date: 091998
  Hardware Revision: 1.00

  Software Information
  PLAN9.INI.KERN2:  Version 2.1.0
  PLAN9.INI.KERN1:  Version 3
  [everything else is also Version 3]

  Kern 1:  Version  fe
  Kern 2:  Version  3u

  Environment Information
  [several other env variables listed]

  Version Information

Also, when I boot to the command prompt (<ESC>, then <CTRL P>), the banner information looks like this:

bootparam v0.3 at b00 (sp=fff9f8)
bootname:shanmon v1.13
argc=1 argv=c00 envp=c60 flags=0
entry=8000 lomem=8000 himem=1000000
flashbase=8000000 cpuspeed=103219200

sboot v0.71 (shannon)
 - Inferno StrongARM Bootstrap Loader

flash: id=1/49 (AMD AM29LV160BB), ss=20000 fs=400000 w=2 b=0-20000 f=5
dev__ ____base ____size perm flgs name________________ (max=16 boot=c000)
F!-2:     3e00      200  644    0 partition
F!-1:        0   400000  644    0 all
F!0 :        0     4000  444    0 demon
F!1 :     4000     3c00  444    0 logo
F!2 :     7c00      400  644    0 config
F!3 :     8000     1000  644    0 plan9.ini
F!4 :     9000     1000  644    0 spare1
F!5 :     a000     2000  644    0 spare2
F!6 :     c000    14000  444    0 sboot
F!7 :    20000    c0000  444    0 kern1
F!8 :    e0000    c0000  644    0 kern2
F!9 :   1a0000   260000  666    0 fs

That was until a few minutes ago, when I attempted a reset using the red button in the back. Now I get a backlit blue-grey screen, but nothing else. If anyone has any ideas about this latest problem, I'd appreciate that, too.

Do the flags=0 mean that all flash-based partitions are unprotected, and that I don't have to apply 12 volts DC, etc. to copy Blob to flash?

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