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I found out why the Caller ID doesn't work from this excellent FAQ: http://www.ainslie.org.uk/callerid/cli_faq.htm#Q_6 It's because in the US you use a FSK coded, modem like, signalling. In Sweden (and Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands,India (?), Belgium, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay) the caller ID is sent by DTMF before the first ring signal.


Since I am a QNX enthusiast, I plan to run QNX6 on the 'screen. However, if dual boot is made possible, I'll certainly be running Linux as well. My plans for it are e.g. making it into a combined kitchen recipie terminal and intelligent phone. Speech synthesis presented caller ID. Speech recognition perhaps.

There seems not to be many other european users. Some experiences (still running Inferno):

Dialing works well, i.e. the dial tone systems are compatible (phew :). Caller ID is not presented so far. Internet connection to my ISP Utfors didn't work, perhaps I'll have to hack the scripts. I found a 230->110V converter for around $20, so I don't have to build my own PSU.

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