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I've added a USB type B (device) connector to my tux and used it to network the tux to a linux box with a standard USB A-B cable.

I wired up the following circuit into my tux:

                 |   |
                475k |
                 |   |  ----NC
                gnd  |  |
J600/1---------      2  1
              |       ==      USB type B   1 VBUS
             1k5     3  4                  2 D-
              |      |  |                  3 D+
J602/7---27.4--------|  gnd                4 gnd
                     |                     sheild:  Do not connect.

27.4,475k and 1k5 are small resistors.

J600/1   3v3

J602/7   UDC+
J602/8   UDC-
J602/10  gnd

Keep the wires short and twist together the two that connect to pins 2 and 3
on the USB connector, and also the 2 to J602/7 and 8.

A USB type B (device) connector:

I modified the appropriate tux kernel config file to contain:


this got me the usb-eth.o and sa1100usb_core.o modules in /lib/modules/2.4.18-rmk6-tux1/kernel/arch/arm/mach-sa1100/

I loaded these modules with:

insmod sa1100usb_core
insmod usb-eth

and configured the usbf network device thus:

ifconfig usbf

On the linux host side I configured the kernel build to get the usbnet.o
module, which I loaded and configured with:

insmod usbnet
ifconfig usb0 inet netmask

There are a number of ways to configure this network, see:



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