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We (me and Zdenek Horcik) just persuaded few our students at CTUPrague that TuxScreen is a great toy to play with in CTULBR.

I am Vaclav Hanzl from Czech Technical University in Prague.

So far mostly did big computers like http://noel.feld.cvut.cz/magi/, recently we used LART and now TuxScreen.

I just managed to build working microwindows buildroot, looks cool. I also tested tinyx, but it is probably far too big for me.

Next I will probably build some version of ShanIP to feed microphone inputs to UCB1200.

At this moment I am trying to gather information about possible audio routing in TuxScreen, including analog audio paths depicted in ScheMatics, analog audio paths to/from LucentDSP, things happening inside UCB1200, digital audio paths routable through LucentDSP (set using control commands sent from SA1100), possibility/impossibility to route digital audio via SSI (anybody knows? please comment here!) and possibility to receive/send audio via device files (how much of /dev/dsp works, what else is related?) etc.

I would like to have complete picture of all ways audio can travel in TuxScreen (analog or digital) and complete overview of interfaces programmer can use to set these routes.

If you have any links to information I should include, please add them here:


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